Biomedical and Informatics

Innovation in biomedical and informatics requires imagining the possibilities and making them a reality. Marger Johnson helps inventors and companies discover the best uses of technology, and designs a strategy to patent and license the ideas for commercial use. Our attorneys, many of whom hold graduate degrees in engineering or have worked in-house, provide real-world advice on a wide array of technologies, from bio-engineered tissues and protein sequencing to laser catheters, ultrasound, defibrillators and orthodonic appliances.

Fitting Your Business Needs
Every day, we’re finding smart solutions for our national and international clients. Aloka Ultrasound, based in Japan, relies on Marger Johnson & McCollom to manage its IP work in the United States. For WebMD, we figured out how to protect its expert-based medical literature searching tool. For Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs, we’ve patented analytic and spectroscopic technologies licensed in medical research. And for Oregon Medical Laser Center, we’ve patented biomaterials, oximetry and laser catheters. Our business focus is patterned on our clients’ business plans.


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