Chemical Processing

There is no replacement for an attorney able to understand the chemistry at the same level as a scientist or to comprehend the full extent of a complex process. Marger Johnson’s professionals, who hold graduate and undergraduate science degrees, and have spent years in industry as well as in private practice, bring a high-level of experience to this sophisticated technical field.

A Firm Formula
Founding attorney Jerry Marger worked for over 23 years as an engineer and as a patent attorney for companies such as Diamond Shamrock, ER Squibb, BF Goodrich, and Crown Zellerbach. Our other attorneys work closely with companies like Martin Marietta, H&H Eco Systems and Louisiana Pacific, protecting inventions that include chemicals and processes used in the manufacture of semiconductor chips and processes for making laminated veneer lumber.

As the chemical processing sector continues to grow, especially in association with the electronics industry, Marger Johnson’s patent, trademark and copyright attorneys will continue to work with clients to protect and enforce their intellectual property. It’s a formula that our clients appreciate.


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