Internet and Software Technologies

The limits of software and the Internet are bounded only by human imagination and hardware. Because of that, the industry continues to expand at an explosive rate, becoming more dynamic and bringing together a variety of seemingly disparate technologies.

Ahead of the Computing Curve
Recognizing the importance of the Internet early on, Marger Johnson was one of the very first IP law firms to establish a presence on the Internet. Firm co-founder Alex Johnson also played an instrumental role in winning patent protection for software, securing thse rights before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in what became known as the Alappat decision (In re Alappat, 33 F.3d 1526).

This history gives us a unique perspective on our clients’ future. We advise global companies like Intel and Oracle on where the industry has been, where it’s going and how to plan accordingly. We establish close client relationships that allow us to recognize important technologies — at times before our clients realize they’re patentable.


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