A good idea can start a company. Protection for that idea can allow an emerging company to grow, gain a foothold in the marketplace and profit from its investments of time and capital.

Working closely with inventors and engineers across industries and technologies, Marger Johnson helps them set their IP strategy and connect with partners for commercialization. Our attorneys have guided a number of companies through the start-up stage, and many remain as established clients.

Designed to Meet your Goals
There is no substitute for a solid IP portfolio for any business. Trade secrets often serve as the first line of defense. Patents can both shield a new business opportunity from encroachment and provide bargaining leverage in negotiations. Trademarks protect the growing reputation and identity of the company. And copyrights guard the company’s documentation, collateral and, especially for software firms, the products themselves.

Marger Johnson understands the value that a comprehensive IP strategy brings to the critical early-funding stage as well as to the company’s long-term goals. Attorneys from across our practice groups work together to make sure our clients are outfitted with IP strategies that fit their individual needs.


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