Creative expressions — books, paintings, sculptures, architectural plans and the like — form the traditional concept of copyrights. But copyrights are not only for the arts. Copyright law is at the forefront of computer science as software continues to become the creative expression of the programmer and the question of borrowed code is hashed out.

Inventive Strategies
For artists, authors and programmers alike, Marger Johnson has answered questions that include who owns the copyrights to work produced by employees and contractors, who has a right to copyrights in jointly developed pieces, what creative elements are protectable, and to what extent sections of others’ work can be copied or borrowed.

When Lamps Plus sued Dolan Designs, a competing lamp design shop, we invalidated Lamps Plus’ copyright by showing that copyright protection could not be extended to a collection of well-known, preexisting elements. We also have fashioned cost-effective solutions for software companies having a regular need for copyright protection for their software products. Whatever the industry, our lawyers look to shape creative solutions for our clients’ creative work.

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