Global Intellectual Property

As the movement toward globalization of intellectual property gathers speed, corporations’ IP strategies will need to be worldwide in scope: Does the invention need protection in Europe? Where will protection be most effective: Asia or the United States? How can matters including litigation avoidance, transnational technology transfers, licensing and joint ventures be effectively handled here and abroad? Getting the answers to these questions requires an approach that understands IP rights across nations and cultures.

A World View
Marger Johnson brings a global awareness to intellectual property. A number of our clients are based in other countries and maintain offices all over the world. We regularly counsel U.S. clients that operate in the global markets, and foreign-based companies look to us for their U.S. intellectual property work. Many in our firm, including our foreign-born lawyers, collaborate with international co-counsel and travel abroad to meet client needs.

Whether the client is domestic or international, our approach is the same. We study who they are and what they’re doing. We ask our clients to explain their business expectations as well as their problems, and we look to overcome hurdles and achieve their goals. It is a strategy that has no boundaries.


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