Trade Secrets

Thinking up the next innovation is no easy task. Protecting that idea–and keeping the business advantage it provides–takes work as well. And the smaller your company, the more important these protections can be.

At Marger Johnson, we advise emerging stars to multinationals on their important trade secret issues. We work with them side-by-side to uncover the best ways to protect and use their trade secrets, helping them remain ahead of the marketplace.

Keeping Your Ideas Buttoned Up
Virtually every useful idea and invention starts as a trade secret. Keeping the secret before it is patented or ready for market is often vital to successful commericalization.

Encompassing a broad range of ideas, trade secrets include technical information, such as formulas, designs and processes, as well as financial and employee data, customer and prospects lists, business plans and market opportunities. Our attorneys establish practical methods for protecting trade secrets from public disclosure: physical and electronic security, visitor control, and confidentiality agreements with employees, vendors and potential business partners. When you reveal your trade secrets, it is done by design.

If the trade secrets are misappropriated, we know how to put a stop to it. Usually by quick action, with full support by our client, we can obtain a preliminary injunction that ends the matter.


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