Whether a word, logo or other indentifier, the right trademark sets your business apart from the crowd. Marger Johnson’s trademark lawyers know that an established mark can be the single most important asset on a company’s balance sheet. To leverage that investment, we work with clients from creation through policing and enforcement of trademarks.

Making your mark
Our in-house search technology speeds up the hunt for just the right trademark by winnowing down possible marks and honing in on the most promising ones. Trademark, domain name and corporate name clearance are important steps in this process. We then help businesses navigate the process of applying to register the mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Once the mark is in place, we work with companies like Shurfine Foods to police brands in print and online, and implement enforcement programs that quickly and easily identify and eliminate threats to trademark rights. And since our style is to help our clients devote their resources to business, not litigation, we look to resolve trademark disputes through favorable settlements–a strategy backed up by our solid track record at trial. It’s a business-centered style that works.


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